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It’s easy to feel alienated when you move to a new city or town in today’s world. Traditionally, being friendly with neighbors was much more valued in decades past than it is now. And, with the help of things like Facebook and Skype, it’s easier to stay in touch with your old friends […]

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It may start with a sense of restlessness. It may start with a feeling that you are starting to open to change. However it begins, sooner or later, you realize that you cannot continue with things as they currently are. What you may not know is whether or not moving to a […]

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Where to Move

On November 17, 2013 By

As they say real estate is about 3 things: location, location, location.  Finding the perfect city, town, or village to live can be difficult especially if you have a family to take care after. If you are still midst-career and not looking to retire you probably want to live close to work (maybe not too close) […]

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