Finding the perfect bedroom mattress is a must if you want to feel and function at your best. The right bedroom mattress can also have a positive impact on your relationships. Your health will also thank you after you get and start sleeping on the right mattress.

What to look for in the right bedroom mattress

After all, poor sleep doesn’t only cause you to feel fatigued, as if you’re literally dragging your body around, during the day. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can also contribute to irritability, heart disease, high blood pressure, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. 

Avoiding these problems is as simple as finding the right mattress. Be patient. You could sleep on a mattress for eight years or more. Features to look for in a great bedroom mattress include:

  • The right amount of firmness – You want a mattress that supports your entire body, all of your weight
  • Room to roam – The perfect bedroom mattress is wide enough to allow you to roll from side to side. If you move a lot while you sleep, go for a king size bed. Also go for a bedroom mattress that is long enough to support your head, arms, calves and feet. The perfect bedroom mattress will not require you to draw up your legs or hang your feet over the bottom of the mattress.
  • No sag – Ensure that the mattress does not dip,sink or sag when you lay on it. If you’re married, try both sides of the mattress. It’s best to visit a mattress store with your spouse, so that you both can try out the mattress.
  • Consider your box springs – If you’re only replacing your bedroom mattress, measure your box springs before you head to the store. You want a mattress that easily fits your box springs.
  • Design – If decor is important to you, go with a mattress that has the type of design that you appreciate.
  • Accidents – A good mattress can sustain minor water spills. Ask the retailer that you work with how well the mattress handles spills. Find out if the mattress stains easily if a liquid is spilled on it.
  • Comfort – Lay on a mattress for several minutes. To get the real feel of a mattress, give yourself several days to try out different mattresses. You could even create a simple spreadsheet to chart and compare how different mattresses feel. Don’t rely on television, magazine and other advertisements. Actually try several mattresses out yourself before you make a purchase.

Sleep deprivation is nothing to take lightly. There are physical, emotional and mental health risks associated with poor sleep. Finding the perfect bedroom mattress can help to reduce those risks. When you sleep on the right mattress,the type of bedroom mattress that fits the weight and shape of your body, you may wake in a better mood which can, in turn, lead to better communications and relationships.

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